Today’s world expects you to be present in the different social media platforms, especially if you own a business. But managing your social media profiles can result in a lot of work and time. And if you do not pay attention to details, it can cost you a lot.

This is why we have created for you a list that includes some of the dos and don’ts of digital social media marketing. Benefit the most from your social media presence and allow your brand to grow into something incredible.

Dos – What You Should Do as a Business Owner

  • Set Clear Goals and Requirements

When making a social media space for your brand, it is much easier to reach your desired target when you know what you truly want. Setting clear goals and requirements will not only let you know what you want for your business. It will also allow your marketing team to understand your expectations.

By writing down these expectations, you will set deadlines, measurements, and numerical prospects that your social media marketing department will understand, follow, and carry out. For example, perhaps your goal is to build brand awareness, so you ask your team to drive more traffic to your landing pages by 10%. This is a number your employees will know how to work with, so they improve their performance and satisfy your goal.

  • More Social in Social Media

If you want your social media to improve and gain more awareness and audience, keep your followers in mind. They are not just numbers in your accounts. These are the people who are consuming your content, so make an effort to keep up with them, and make them feel heard and appreciated.

Have time for your audience. Send friendly replies from time to time and answer their questions. You can even ask your followers for recommendations on your brand. What is that they want the most? In the end, your product or service is for them.

Also, make it fun! A marvelous way to engage with your audience is to use amusing social media tools such as giveaway contests and challenges. This way, you will get your audience to know more about your brand. And vice-versa!

  • Post Regularly

Among the dos of digital social media marketing, having a sustainable posting frequency is essential. The word ‘consistency’ should be hung on a frame and decorating one of your office’s walls.

Posting frequency depends entirely on your business schedule, the amount of time you have available, and your brand’s goals. Posting at least once a day is known to be the gold standard, but you must go by your plan and understand the channels you are on and how they function. Set a frequency that works best for you, and which will be sustainable long-term.

Consider posting at least 1-2 times per week. By sharing content regularly, you ensure your posts to be fresh and new for your audience. Wondering how much you should be posting on the different platforms? We have found the perfect article for you: https://louisem.com/144557/often-post-social-media#:~:text=Most%20studies%20agree%20that%20once,Pages%203%20times%20per%20week

  • Keep Your Content Coherent

Keeping not only a consistent posting frequency but also coherent content is part of the list for the dos of digital social media marketing.

Some businesses make the mistake of allowing visual inconsistencies on their different social media platforms. This can be confusing for customers, even repelling, as it does not make your profiles look appealing or even trust-worthy, and it creates consternation.

This is why you should stay consistent and coherent with the content you post. Always stick to the elements that make up your brand – the same colors, names, and logos. Also, depending on what platform you are on, a proper tone should be set for the information you share. Remember that every social media network has different purposes and audience targets.

  • Get Help from the Experts

Perhaps you have had experience with the world of social media before, and you have probably developed different strategies for your brand. The thing is that every company and business has complex goals and needs, therefore diverse social media marketing tactics and demands.

You will probably need some help in understanding and managing your social media platforms. You will find some people who have studied digital marketing and now have the proper knowledge of creating and developing marketing strategies for other companies. Allow your brand to grow by reaching external social media marketing agencies. They will not only help you create original media and marketing content but also manage public relations and communications.

There are many reasons why you should hire a social media marketing company. Would you like to know more about it? Do not miss the following link: http://southcoastsocial.com/5-reasons-to-hire-social-media-agency/

Don’ts – What You Should Avoid

  • Use All Social Media Platforms

Among the don’ts of digital social media marketing, you must consider not using all the social media platforms that exist on the market. As a business owner, the idea of having your product or service in most of the social media channels might be attractive. But let us stop you right there.

Creating profiles on every platform can be a dangerous thing to do, as it can diminish your business. Instead, try to stick to the networks that match your brand’s goals and principles. Also, get to know where your customers are. Not all social media platforms will work well with your product or service. Understand each platform’s purpose and ways, and prioritize your networks.

  • Make Spelling or Grammar Mistakes

Perhaps this sounds like something obvious, but you would probably like to know that many businesses have their content checked by another person before it is shared. The purpose of this is to ensure their media profile’s accuracy and correctness.

For you to avoid hurting your brand’s credibility, run your content information through online spell checkers, such as Grammarly. You can also pick a person from your marketing team and authorize him/her to be your official proofreader.

We know. We all are humans and make mistakes. But in the social media world, you have the advantage of always checking your content before posting it on your different platforms. So always doublecheck your posts and stay away from simple mistakes.

  • Use Bait Tactics

In the past, this kind of posts could have passed under the radar as average publicity. But today, it is one of the lowest forms of social media marketing. It is promising something that you obviously will not deliver. People are exposed to these kinds of baits almost every day, and they know what they look like.

Besides, social media platforms have begun to crack down on this type of engagement because of massive user complaints. This is an unprofessional way of marketing your brand or product. And it will significantly reduce your reach and impact negatively on any future efforts you make on social media. These tactics may have worked in the past, but not anymore.

We have found an article that talks about what kind of engagement bait tactics you should avoid and why. To read about it, click here: https://insightsocialmedia.com.au/insights/engagement-bait-what-to-avoid-and-why/

  • Post Without Researching First

It is normal to share content from another account without reasoning about it. Social media platforms make this so easy and tempting. Nobody wants to be left behind. However, there is a lot of information that comes from bots or is autogenerated. And we got to be careful. Not everything we see on social media is necessarily authentic.

Before you share or repost, take the time to check out the account where it came from to make sure you want to be associated with that source and the information provided. This is a mistake that can cost you money and reputation, and this is why posting without researching first is included on the list for the don’ts of digital social media marketing.

  • Forget to Track Your Brand’s Social Media Activity

This is an essential part of the social media marketing world that many companies leave out. Once you have set the goals and objectives for your social media activity, the wise thing to do is to check out its impact. Is it the one that you expected? It is recommended to establish a system for analyzing your results.

There are several tools and social media management platforms you can use. You will find Google Analytics, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Socialbakers, and of course, the analytics tools that each social media platform offers. With all these tools, among many others, you can track everything that happens before, during, and after you post.

All your interactions will be measured to help you prove your success, as well as to guide your campaigns and point out any failures. This will help you rapidly adjust if necessary.

Would you like to know about ten of the best social media analytics tools? Check out the following link: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-analytics-tools/

Only having a social media profile will not do the trick for your business. You need to know how to properly use the media tools you have in hand, so you satisfy your brand’s prospects, goals, and principles.

Would you like to build awareness for your brand? Keep in mind these dos and don’ts of digital social media marketing, which will help you run your social media platforms most efficiently. Dare to go beyond what you already know and let your business expand its reach.

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