A Few Questions Can Determine which Social media Firm Is Right for Your Business, Product and Customers’ Needs

Not all Social Media agencies are created equal. There are a lot of options in an environment with ever-widening networks of communication. Businesses that take the time to do research before diving headfirst into the Social Media marketplace come out ahead. Their relationships last longer and they’re generally happier with their campaign results.

A good Social Media agency can help you navigate changing waters with some degree of comfort. Partnering with the wrong agency can waste time and money. Look for a combination of expertise, versatility, and human interaction to find the right one for your company.

Ask yourself these questions during the agency interview process?

  • Are they established? While you’re trying to market your business, you want your Social Media agency to be experienced. If you’ve got limited resources, you don’t want to deal with anyone’s learning curve. As soon as you commit resources to advertise, you want the agency representing you to put them to the best use. Social Media agencies that are established will know the DR landscape well. They will understand how to use multiple media formats to reach the desired market and entice customers to “buy now.”
  • Do they have the tools? Not every product or service can be sold the same way. Some product audiences are influenced by social media, others by direct google inserts. The best Social Media agencies will be able to operate in any medium. One may be more specialized in a particular area than another; be aware of this when researching agencies.
  • Do they have relevant or relatable product category experience? Some Social Media agencies have built reputations in a super-specialized product segment, such as fitness or children’s products. While you shouldn’t rule out such an agency, if you’re bringing them a product outside of their niche, ask yourself if the agency’s experience and knowledge can be applied to your product to build a successful campaign.
  • Do they measure up? When you hire a Social Media agency, you will have goals and expectations at the outset. As time goes by and campaigns are released, know how the agency tallies responses by consumers. If something is or isn’t working, you should be able to identify it through the data. There is a wide variety of software products to track and evaluate responses, demonstrating your ROI.
  • Are they nimble? If you’re getting real-time information about customer response, the agency should be ready to act on it. Facebook being slow, maybe google or YouTube might be the perfect avenue! The market is changing all the time and a good Social Media agency will be able to sift the good ideas from the bad and reshape a marketing campaign, as well as have options to meet changing realities.
  • Can you work with them? A company that hires a Social Media agency is entering into a potentially lengthy relationship and successful campaigns are based on open lines of communication. Find an agency that you’re comfortable dealing with. A good agency will provide your company with a dedicated account executive. Not only will they LISTEN to what you’re saying, but importantly, they will ASK the right questions and dig deeper to really understand your brand strategy. If you just don’t feel a synergy with the prospective Social Media team for your product, shop for a different agency.

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