Why is having one social media agency more effective than multiple social agencies!

As the relevance of digital marketing becomes more noticeable every day, hiring several social media agencies seems the logical way of adapting to a more digital and sophisticated environment. 

However, do multiple task groups benefit our social platform better than a single social media agency? Whatever the scenario is, the goal remains the same, to amplify our reach. What we can leave unchecked is how effective are the measures we take to doing so!

Consider the changes that have occurred in the current market. It is not hard to find reasons that help us understand that the competition is getting stronger. Then, ask yourself if you are applying your efforts and budget effectively and if they are bringing you the expected economic benefits. In the end, that is the principal aim of a business.

If you carry out a great online marketing strategy, you can elevate the product or service to the top positions. This is the only way to unseat the competition in the market today.

That is why it is necessary to turn to experts, who are the ones who will help you achieve your goals. But sometimes, having so many perspectives ends up weakening the striking force on your strategy. A collage of different work frames will never be as effective as one solid mindset.

Do you know what a social media agency does?

Regardless of its industry, each company is closer to its customers. Its interaction with them has not only increased in terms of connectivity tools for individuals but in massive data output as well. Trends and content propel or risk the relationship with the customer!

That is not something that happens by magic, and it is why we must turn to professionals specialized in Digital Marketing. Preferably agencies dedicated to this particular and changing area.

The reason is simple. Through these agencies, we can reach our public efficiently and innovatively as a brand.

A digital marketing agency offers you various services such as investment analysis, inbound marketing, web analytics, web development, media planning, among others. The purpose is achieving greater visibility for your product.

And why is a single agency better than several?

The fundamental reason for having a single agency is much better than having several companies collaborating with your brand is simple: strategy and a frame of work.

When an agency can manage your entire digital ecosystem, it can consider different ways of how to get your message to the right clients.

A social media plan is not only about generating content on social networks. The strategy is not to take advantage of every trend, and the work frame is not setting operative rules.

Social media is also about creating advertising strategies, following analytics, reviewing content, understanding trends. A team in constant communication can keep track of what is happening and quickly make changes.

Some considerations on why it is better to have a single social media agency instead of having several companies running your platforms individually:

  • Structure of the time and content of the strategy: An individual agency will manage all your online marketing strategies. They direct how your brand interacts with potential customers. When you should publish or comment on posts or posts, both on the website and on the different social networks

You will see it! A single agency identifies when each platform is going to help the other immediately.

  • Tools and resources: The professionals of an online marketing agency know how to use tools to manage and understand the return of investment in online marketing strategies. Saving time and money while providing operative benefits like communication formats and know-how.

If the same company manages these tools, the benefits of investment will strike you. As a client, you will make a single general investment that covers all aspects of the digital ecosystem. While with independent agencies, individual spending ends up being higher.

  • Experience: Hiring a digital marketing agency provides the professional experience of working every day with specific tools and knowing the actions of the competition. 

It endorses the preparation of professional reports, personalized methods for the analysis of the competition, techniques applied in other companies whose application has been successful for that market. Adapting is enough to survive, but not to compete.

Investing in a single digital marketing agency allows you to access the knowledge and resources of the best professionals.  

That is a fundamental factor for your campaign and for you to achieve the results you are looking for. If you attempt to do it with different agencies, you may not find all the profiles you require in each one of them.

  • Originality: The digital marketing agency will help you to carry out different strategies about the competition. The aim of this kind of business is always to personalize the marketing strategies and, therefore, know how to transmit it in a fresh, fun, and different way to the target audience.

If you do this task with several companies, each of them will have a specific vision. Unless you establish the essence and invest resources on checking every approach.

  • Impartiality: A team of professionals can give opinions and a more impartial vision about the effectiveness of the actions.

If you work with several agencies, you will have subjective approximations about which activities were the most or least efficient.

  • Scalability: it is one factor that makes a digital marketing agency the best bet for your company.

If you do not have an agency working for your brand, you will have to expand your team and resources as the demands or needs of your business grow.

With a digital marketing agency, you will not have any restrictions since you can grow without having to expand your marketing team. 

An expert digital marketing agency will adapt to the size and situation of your business, always offering you the plans and packages that best suit it at all times.

If there are several companies, this could be something much more difficult because you would have to grow with all of them at the same time or choose a few to take your project to the next level.

  • Focus your efforts: A digital marketing agency will be in charge of designing, implementing, and developing your digital marketing strategy, allowing you to free yourself from that task that would consume a large part of your resources.

If you carry out your digital marketing strategy with different companies, be sure to hire professional profiles capable of implementing it. But if you choose to go with an individual agency, you just have to check these profiles one time!

  • Tools: Online marketing requires the use of different tools specifically designed to manage some tasks. 

A digital marketing strategy will use professional tools for SEO, advertising campaigns, keyword research, competitor analysis, and the automation of many processes. 

Having tools for the various tasks that your strategy would need involves a cost. 

If you have all your team in one agency, they will use all the knowledge from these tools to benefit your results. But if you have several agencies, it is going to be difficult to share that kind of information between direct competitors. This means that they work with you with much more interest than working with each other. 

  • Simplicity in workflows: Managing several marketing teams involves considerable time and effort consumption. If you have a digital marketing agency, then you will have a single interlocutor, streamlining your workflows.

In a digital marketing agency, you know from your experience what works effectively.

  • Personalized service: Working on a good brand strategy is not an easy task. 

It is essential to take into account every detail to ensure that you will get results. It may seem obvious, but only specialized professionals will offer you a much more personalized service.

When choosing your online marketing agency, they must have a tailored made service for you, which allows you to ensure that you get results. 

Many companies work on generic strategies, which may or may not be useful for your business. That is why you must make sure you have the best professionals in the market, which will put your needs before theirs.

A single agency will be much better than a set of them on carrying the process of prioritizing. By having each of your platforms, they will have all the information to apply unique and adapted strategies, which have nothing to do with other brands or products. Or even worse, you could find different messages in your product placement because they did not use a comprehensive look.

As you can see, digital marketing comprises many techniques. All of them developed in online media and focused on attracting and converting customers.

Remember, if you have a business, it is vital you invest in a qualified team to carry your brand.

Working with several companies could be seen as an appealing answer to your needs. At first, the services could be cheaper if you compare it with a single company that has everything you need. The problems come later.

We can assure you that it will be just a matter of time. Once you see the benefits of having a single and organized strategy for your product, conducted by one team, you will be more than pleased!

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